Sleeping like a baby

Tuesday 12th July at 10:30-12

Westbury Wildlife Park

Mother to mother support is at the heart of all our LLL meet ups, the opportunity to meet with others going through similar things, share ideas, celebrate the high points and support each other through the less bright days.

This month, we’ll have a focus on night times, why night time feeds are important and sharing ways families have found to maximize their sleep.

Our Leaders (Breastfeeding Counsellors) are always available to support you and talk through any specific issues you may be having.

Whether you have a newborn or are feeding a toddler or are pregnant and looking to learn more before your baby arrives, we would love to see you.

There is local parking at the Westbury on Trim Primary Care Trust (free for 3 hours) or behind the Co-op Store. Blue badge parking is available on site.

Once you reach the park, come through the metal gates and follow the path, turning left at the toilets and following all the way to the end of the building. 

We’re in the wild yoga studio, please leave your shoes on the rack provided. 

As always we’ll make sure there is time to discuss any questions which mums bring along on the day and a bit of time towards the end of the session if you need some 1:1 support.

All our meet ups are open to mums with babies and toddlers of any age. Meetings are free to attend, however if you are able to, a donation of £2 helps us cover the cost of the room and the other costs of running the group.

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