Autumn Meetings

Autumn Meetings

We’re continuing with Zoom for our Autumn series of meetings
All meetings will run from 10:30 – 11:30
Please do check the dates as we’re not running during the school holidays.

Thurs 24th Sept ‘What Mothers Do: especially when it looks like nothing’.

Wed 14th Oct ‘My Child Won’t Eat’ – exploring solids.

Wed 11th Nov ‘Sweet Sleep’.

Thurs 26th Nov ‘Breastfeeding, What’s in it for you?’

Wed 9th Dec ‘Breastfeeding through the festivities’.

We’ll always make time to talk through any questions which mums bring along on the day.

The meeting will run on Zoom, it’s really easy to use but it you haven’t used it before you might want to go and download the app in advance.

Email for details of how to join the meeting:

All our meetings are free. One way to support the group is to join LLL GB, monthly membership is £2.50 and includes an electronic copy of Breastfeeding Matters, LLL GB’s very own magazine.


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