Is it normal or does it need attention?

Is it normal or does it need attention?

LLL Bristol Meeting 10:30 – 12

Wednesday 11th September 2019

at The Milk Shed, 26 North Street, Southville, Bristol, BS3 1HW

Our topic this month is ‘Is it normal or does it need attention?’

Come along and join us for our first meeting at The Milk Shed, grab a drink and pull up a chair.

Life with your newborn can throw up lots of questions, bring them along as we look at the huge variation of normal and signs that might indicate the need to step in and make changes.

All our meetings are free, but we ask that if you are able to then please donate a couple of pounds to help us keep the group running. Another way to support the group is to join LLL GB, monthly membership is £2.50 and includes an electronic copy of Breastfeeding Matters, LLL GB’s very own magazine.

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