Nursing Manners

nursing manners

LLL Bristol Meeting 10:30 – 12

Thursday 28th February

at Avonmouth Community Centre, 257 Avonmouth Road, Bristol, BS11 9EN 

Our topic this month is ‘Nursing Manners’ 

This month we’re talking about those behaviours we’d prefer our little ones not to to do while feeding, whether that’s looking round the room while still latched one, twiddling hair/clothes or indeed the odd bite. What strategies have others found effective to teach their little ones what is and isn’t acceptable while feeding?

Alongside our topic there is plenty of time to talk about any issues that mums bring along on the day. 

All our meetings and coffee mornings are free, but we ask that if you are able to then please donate a couple of pounds to help us keep the group running. Another way to support the group is to join LLL GB, monthly membership is £2.50 and includes an electronic copy of Breastfeeding Matters, LLL GB’s very own magazine.


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