My Child Won’t Eat

My child won't eat

LLL Bristol Meeting 10:30 – 12

Thursday 9th November

at Patience’s house, the Warden’s Lodge, Wills Hall, Parrys Lane, Bristol, BS9 1AE

Topic: My Child Won’t Eat

Breastmilk provides all your baby needs for their first year, but sometime in the second half of that year most babies are ready to experiment with adding some other foods.

So how do you know if your baby is ready? What makes a good first food? Are there things to avoid? This month we’re talking about all this and more.

Bring yourself, your little ones, and if you like a healthy snack to share.

As well as our topic for the month there is always time to discuss any issues mums bring along on the day, and browse through the library.

Meetings are free, but we do ask that if you are not a member of LLLGB you consider making a donation of £2, to help us keep the group running.

By taking out an LLLGB membership, from £2.50 per month, you will be helping us support mums just like you, and you will also receive copies of Breastfeeding Matters magazine. If you would like to take out LLLGB membership please visit:

Parking: There is plenty of free parking on Saville Road alongside the Downs, then a short walk down Wills Lane.

Parking is 50p for 2 hours in any of the Wills Hall on site car parks, please bring your car registration and parking money so we can get you a permit sorted. 


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