Breastfeeding as baby gets older

breastfeeding as baby gets olderLa Leche League Bristol Meeting  10:30 – 12

Thursday 9th March at the Warden’s Lodge, Wills Hall, Parrys Lane, Bristol, BS9 1AE 

This month we’re looking at how things change as our little ones grow. How does breastfeeding continue to meet their changing needs?

Come along for a coffee and a chat and a listening ear. Bring your bumps, babies and toddlers.

While we do start out with a topic, please don’t be put off if it doesn’t seem that relevant. It’s a starting point for our conversation, but there is always time to discuss any issues which mums bring along on the day.

Don’t feel you need to have a problem to come along, our hope is to get mums together to share experiences and ideas. It’s always nice to hear from those with babies that little bit older about what might be coming soon.

If you are having problems then it’s nice to hear from those who have perhaps been through similar things, and we always have leaders on hand who can offer a little 1:1 support where it’s needed.

Please see details below for parking information:

The entrance gateway to Wills Hall is on Parrys Lane. Some sat-navs will direct you to the exit drive on Saville Road but you want Parrys Lane for the Wills Hall entrance drive. From the gateway simply follow the signs to the Warden’s Lodge. Parking is no longer possible in front of the Warden’s Lodge so please park in the car park, the marked bays or on the road. 

If parking on the Wills Hall campus area, please have your car registration number with you when you sign in at the meeting and 50p to cover the cost of the visitors parking registration. The university are currently being quite strict on the 2 hour limit, so please do keep an eye on the time.

Note: There is free parking (5 hours) on Saville Road next to the Downs, and from there a short walk down Wills Lane to the venue. (Marked Exit on the map below). This is probably the easiest option.



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